Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Hi, please read the previous post before reading this one.

1. SacCT is now live.

2. On Thursday we will finish going over the slides "Introduction to epistemology," which you will find on the schedule page at the first link under the Notes column. We will also begin discussing the content of "In Gettier's Wake," by John Turri, so please start reading it as well.

3. On SacCT you will see a Quiz folder, and in that folder you will find a quiz covering the Turri article. It is due on Monday at 11:59 PM. That means it has to submitted by that point, or you won't get credit.

4. You will also see a Discussion link in the sidebar on the left. This is where you will find your first thought question, which is also due Monday at 11:59 PM.

5. Please go to this link and follow the instructions on the top of the page. You will need a gmail account, which is a Google email account, or an email account that you have registered with Google.

6. Here is the roll call question for Thursday. Copy and paste it into a word processing document, and then answer the question thoughtfully, intelligently and in college level English. Print it out and bring it with you to class. Do NOT give your answer to anyone to turn in for you, as this serves as an indication that you were present.

—At the very beginning of the semester, Zeke and Belinda are standing in line at Starbucks. Belinda is staring intently at a man buying coffee. She does not know him. 
—After a moment she says to Zeke, with absolute conviction “OMG, I am going to marry that guy.” 
—Zeke laughs, and Belinda says, “No Zeke, I mean it. That guy is my future husband. I can’t tell you how I know, but I do know.” 
—The Starbucks guy turns out to be in Belinda’s next class. They end up in a study group together, start going out and are married two years later. 
—Question: Did Belinda know on that day in Starbucks that she would marry the Starbucks guy? Explain.

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