Sunday, September 18, 2016

Your target article for your first analysis assignment is "The contextualist evasion of epistemology," by Hilary Kornblith. You will find it in the supplementary readings folder on BB. The due dates for the draft and the final submission are on the schedule page. You should start reading it right away.

Kornblith's article makes reference to the work of Keith DeRose and Ernest Sosa. The Sosa article is also on BB and there is a link to DeRose's contextualist reponse to skepticism in the supplementary readings on the schedule page.

During this week you should review the requirements for writing an analytical essay which are at the top of the schedule page. I also strongly recommend that you watch the associated video, which is me talking through the most important do's and don't's. It is boring, but it can save you from crashing and burning on your first analysis for this class. Whatever you do, you are held responsible for understanding this assignment completely from the get-go.

A couple of you still have not signed up for your journal. Please do so here right away, and I will share one with everyone shortly.

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