Thursday, October 6, 2016

We're going to skip "Elusive Knowledge," and read Pritchard's "Anti-luck Virtue Epistemology" for next week.  However, we will start on that article on Thursday and questions and quiz won't be due until Wednesday night.

For Tuesday we will finish Hannon's article.

Thought question for Tuesday:

There are hundreds of religions in your world, all fervently believed by millions of people. However, you are lucky enough to have been born into the correct one: Önism. Everything in your holy book, The Önid, is in fact the word of the Supreme Being, Ön, dictated by Ön through a perfectly reliable process. You learned the precepts of Önism as a child and have never seriously questioned them. 
Everything in the holy books of the other religions relating to creation and the afterlife is false. But the Önid is no more convincing to members of other religions than the holy books of other religions are to Önists. Atheists exist in large numbers, and they find the Önid to be puerile nonsense, just like all the other religions. 
Do your Önist beliefs count as knowledge? Explain. Does your explanation incline you to internalism or externalism?

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