Friday, December 2, 2016

Please note that you have all received invitations to evaluate this class in your Saclink email. I would personally appreciate it if you would do so, but you will note that there is a significant incentive provided as well. The incentive is:

  • As an incentive to participation, all students will receive 5 extra points if 95% of students who take the final exam participate in the survey.

Since there are only 12 people enrolled in the class, we will need everyone to do the evaluations for the incentive to kick in. Feel free to encourage each other.

We will move on to our last reading on Monday Bundles of contradiction, by T. Lombrozo & A. Shtulman. I will have all the relevant materials up by today or tomorrow. 

Note that the first draft for your last analysis is due on Tuesday night.

Since you are all working on it, I will make the test due Wednesday night.

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